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Language learned are encountering words that are not in your list. I have requested this functionality which I have found requested by others months ago. There is no sign anywhere if you are doing something about it.

A mix of excellent and poor features

This application will help you improve the size of your french vocabulary, but will not teach you french. The excellent: You hear each word properly pronounced by a native speaker. The spaced repetition feature uses the Leitner system, which really aids memorization. The poor: A pile of nouns, but no verbs! Inconsistent annotation of gender. The buttons in the quiz are really tiny and frustrating to touch. The words are organized in to categories, but they dont tell you what category the word comes from when youre taking a quiz. e.g. if youre asked to translate the word rock, it would be nice to know if it was in the category Nature or Music. The occasional mistake makes the program untrustworthy, and makes you want to look up additional translations online. For example, boil in the cooking category was translated as Furoncle (an eruption on the skin) and not as bouillir.

A Huge Rip-Off

This application is nothing more than single word flash-cards presented in a variety of different ways. It has no facilities to teach sentance structure, verb conjugations or even short phrases. A special warning to Canadians: this is not our French! It might be OK if it was priced at 99 cents but really, theres not much to this. By far the worst app that I have bought.


I am disappointed the audio quiz is in English, when it is French we are trying to comprehend. Okay for learning vocabulary not for verbs of sentences.

Too easy

Multiple choice quiz too easy, its obvious what the answer is even if you dont know all the vocabulary. Only good features are the audio timed playback for studying while doing other things, and flashcards are ok except there is no way to mark yourself as being right or wrong and thus you will keep seeing the easy ones forever. I have found a better app to be honest. But not bad.

Looks nice but not much thought into content

The interface is smooth and generally has a good feel about it but when you start using it you quickly see the content of the software isnt great. Sure, it has 2000 + words but it seems to me there has been little thought from a linguistic point of view into what words are needed for this kind of tool. ie random advanced words from science and business etc. that I guess the developers thought would be good but it has huge holes in basic vocabulary. Also its extremely simple, no clever engine to analyze your progress and it doesnt assist you with learning in any way at all. It just shows single words. I think its over priced at 1700. Wish I could get my money back.

Not so great

Should be more systamatic. Really needs sound.


I just think without audio its useless

Dont buy

It simply is not worth 14.99

Kills iPhone backup for me, too - please fix!

I am having the exact same problem as AAAME. After buying this program and downloading the sound files, iTunes will not back up my iPhone because the backup progress hangs forever. Deleting the program from my iphone solves the backup problem. Renkara, please fix this asap! Otherwise, after playing with the program for a little while, I find it useful, but the process of adding words to ones own study set could be improved. I worked through about 100 words thinking I had added them, when I hadnt. If the user has only 1 study set, the word should be added automatically, without having to touch the set name to get the check mark. But, first of all, the backup problem needs to be fixed before I can give this a thorough review.

Malfunction = malheureusement

I purchased this app yesterday and the flash cards section only flips between two words - Tuesday and abdomen. The french language is deep and expressive and this app is not reflective of that range. I do not recommend this app - if anything when an app is first purchased all content should be working with some expectation of a bump here and there - there is really no excuse for the malfunction and high price, even on sale this is not worth the $7.99 price. Malheuresement.

Sound Download Causes Backup Problem

I love the Accela Products and have the French/English and Italian/English programs. The problem is that in this version, one has to download the sound separately. Once I do this over a wifi connection, it screws up iPhone backup. The backup process takes forever and times out. App will be great as soon as accela fixes this. Please do it asap!

Better than a teacher!!!!

Jadore cet app!!!!! I exhort all French learners to buy this app.The way that it is organized makes everything so easy to learn. The audio helps your pronounciations. But I wish that they would hear out more their customers feature request. Like the write mode, or the graph to display your quiz results. But overall, this app is very great and helpful. i give it 10 stars!!!! It is even better now that it is 3.0 tested. I simply love it a lot. BUY IT!!!! GREAT PRODUCT=)

Love AccelaStudy French

Five stars for this awesome app! I just bought it after trying some others, this one is the best - it has the best audio, hands down. The French womans voice is very easy to listen to and I like that you can listen to English audio and French audio in the flashcards.

not so great

the vocabulary included is very easy most french words the app teaches are the almost the same in english if you want to learn pronunciation this app is great if you want to learn anything else it is not worth it


This app has a very appealing UI and it is very helpful. I have learned a lot of French with this app. Thanks!

Best French App Ive ever used on my iPhone

I am a junior in high school taking French and this app has definitely helped me with studying and improving my French vocabulary. It has native francophones pronounce every word when you are studying. There are multiple choice word quizzes and audio quizzes. It is very in depth because you can choose any varation of the 60+ subjects that you want to study, then go back and look at how well you are doing in each area later. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn or improve their French, including beginners and advanced French-speakers alike. This app is by far the best French app on my iPhone. Thanks for such a great app. 5/5 Stars. 

Great App overall

If youre a beginner to beginner-intermediate, OR if you wish to hear over 2300 words spoken in French (or English) this is AWESOME. This really is all you need at first for vocabulary-building, or anytime for hearing the words spoken by a native speaker. This delivers what it offers. If youre intermediate or higher, and all youre looking for is vocab-building, you may want more vocab, however.


This app was given too harsh of a review at first. I just downloaded it to help with my new french class in college, and it works like a charm. I can study for a few minutes a few times throughout the day and my teacher and class think I spend all day and night studying because I am so far ahead of my class. Definitely worth the download!

This is so limited

Ok I have been using this as a reference and translator and a way to learn French and I must say it is very limited does not contain accurate vocabulary and translation and in a lot of cases flat out is wrong this is garbage dont spend the money I feel ripped off the study and learning part is so bad my girlfriend who speaks french laughed so hard at how bad the thing teaches non accurate vocabulary she snorted. Get Rosetta stone you be alot happier

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